“Bringing a community of experience to a younger generation”

October 2019 brings the unveiling of our newest program, Talking Man 2 Man. As our community focus expands, we have made a decision to include working with youths, specifically young men, who can benefit greatly from the wisdom and experience our mentors bring to this program.

We are all painfully aware that the one thing that is undoubtedly missing from the lives of many young men in our community is honest, personal dialog with men who are accomplished, successful in their own right and, most of all, willing to listen and be mentors.

The Talking Man 2 Man program was developed by BTV’s Executive Director, Angela Lofton Moore, specifically for Beyond The Village and the communities it serves. Our initial 18 mentors, are ready and willing to show up and make a difference in the lives of young men. The basic goal of the program is not to bring another structured curriculum to these young men. Our diverse and alternative conversation style provides a casual, relaxed forum to allow young men to ask questions they need answers to, questions about everyday life and how to navigate it. Our mentors have lived, learned, achieved, survived, and succeeded. Their varied backgrounds and experiences bring unique perspectives to these face-to-face sessions.

We are happy bring our Talking Man 2 Man mentors to your group or organization’s next meeting or event. Give us a call at 916-750-2881 and let’s discuss how to get started … Talking Man 2 Man!

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